• Ducal Transparent Ballpen
  • Canopus Notepad B7
  • Portland Bag
  • Panther Plus Ballpen

Welcome to Profile Promotions Ltd

Our key words are commitment, creativity and flexibility.

We at Profile Promotions can help you develop the profile that matches what your company stands for and wants to convey. Whether it's about developing a range of branded gifts and giveaways or just a few t-shirts for your event we will arrange it with the same commitment and enthusiasm.

We work for our customers so that you should not have to think about how the pen should look like, what quality the conference folder should be or what is a good giveaway. We think of it for you.

Our vision is to become the best in the industry with the most satisfied customers and with the help of good relationships and creative thinking, the path from idea to finished product will be clear and fun.